Monday, April 16, 2012

FAT BOMBS! And, a confession

OK, I have a confession!  I have been completely off my low-carb diet since I was six months pregnant.  And, I really have no excuse since my little boy is now almost a year old. I have stayed true to no gluten, but have been eating a lot of brown rice tortillas (they are my nemesis), gluten-free bread, and high sugar milk chocolate.  So, as you can imagine, the weight gain has been noticeable.  Well, not anymore.  For the past week, I have been back on the low-carb train.
What’s the secret to staying true to your low-carb diet plan?  I’d like to know what your little tricks are, please post! I’ll tell you mine.  One is to be prepared!!!  Especially if you are busy-busy, like I am.  I’m juggling a few careers- singing opera, teaching singing, church cantor, cookbook writer, blogger, Mommy!  So, there’s often not a lot of time for me to make something to eat.  One thing I do is cook extra dinner.  Then I throw my leftover meats and veggies in a pie tin and into the oven to heat up (I hate microwaves) for lunch.  Also, I make sure there are plenty of high protein and fat snacks to satisfy me when I don’t have time for a meal and am hungry! This is essential.  That is where the cheat can begin… and often snowball after you eat potato chips or chocolate and then your insulin begins to dance up and down, causing you to gain belly fat and feel disgusting.  So, I pack my fridge with nut butters, pre-made snacks like celery & peanut butter, cheeses, olives, full fat yogurt, and in the cabinet there are more nuts.  And, I try to bake myself a low carb treat as often as possible.  I make nut butter bread. 
And, now, I make fat bombs.  Ohhhh yes.  It’s as good as it sounds.  Little chocolate truffles full of good for you fats to keep the munchies away!  It's important to eat lots of fat and protein on a low-carb diet.  Don't be afraid of good fats, your brain needs them! Your brain is 65% FAT!  Now, I didn’t make up the concept… the original concept came from Wifezilla's Way.  But I was inspired, and made a stab at some dairy free ones for you dear dairy free followers, and they were delicious!  They taste like truffles.  They are a perfect snack!  And, you can make up your own, and do any number of substitutions.  Please post your versions! I am interested!
I’ll keep you posted on my weight loss… so far it’s been a half a week and my sugar-bloat is down quite a bit.  Thank you, fat bombs!
My other secret to staying on my low-carb diet, which I did with much success for over 3 years before pregnancy, is self-forgiveness.  Love yourself the way you are, right this minute.  So you aren’t rail thin.. who cares? There’s more of you to love.  Learn to accept yourself the way you are and then when you make a mistake, you say… oops, I made a mistake, oh well. I’ll start over right this minute.  Don’t let self judgement snowball into feeling bad about yourself and consuming too many foods that are not good for you!!!  If anyone ever gives you flack for your weight, tell them how that makes you feel and if they cannot stop, cut them out of your life or if that is not possible, learn to say to yourself, that is their problem, not yours!!!  You will be amazed how this technique works to help you have a better, healthier life!!!
***NOTE: If you use liquid stevia, it can make the chocolate mixture curdle if added after mixed.  So if you are not using the same kind I used- NuNaturals brand vanilla stevia (probably regular stevia would work), then I would suggest that you use either half as much and then add powdered if you have to adjust the taste later, or just used powdered.
***Also, it's possible your mixture won't stay a beautiful smooth consistency.  If that happens, so what. They still taste good when they are done! They just may separate, making a white band around the edges from the coconut oil.
CAVEAT: Don't eat these before bed, they give you a lot of energy!
UPDATE: I lost that pudge that was bothering me.  :) yay, fat bombs!

Fat Bombs

¼ cup cocoa powder
6 Tablespoons canned coconut milk – Native Forest brand has no BPA in the lining, FYI
2 Tablespoons Virgin Coconut Oil
3 - 6 Tablespoons nut butter:  I like to use 3 Tbls coconut butter, and the rest almond or peanut butter
1 Tablespoon finely chopped nuts, I used pecans here in Louisiana
Stevia to taste, I used 20 drops of NuNaturals liquid vanilla stevia or 1/4 teaspoon NuNaturals powdered** see note above
½ cup coconut flakes, toasted under a broiler while watching carefully, about 30 seconds
a wire whisk or hand beater
cupcake papers

Combine cocoa powder, coconut milk, and stevia in a small saucepan and stir.  The cocoa will not mix in. Heat over medium-low heat, stirring constantly with a rubber spatula, until smooth. Remove from heat and add the nut butter.  Whisk or beat on low speed together until combined. Whisk in coconut oil.  Stir in nuts, and most of the coconut flakes.  Reserve some for topping. Spoon into 5 cupcake papers evenly and top with remaining coconut. Arrange on a plate and place in freezer until hardened.  Then, transfer to refrigerator.  Eat straight from refrigerator, they will melt at room temperature.  Makes 5; 3g effective carbs each, and 18.8g good-for-you fat if you use peanut butter and pecans, slightly less if you sub walnuts for pecans. If you use cashew butter & pecans/walnuts, 4.25 ECC/4.15 ECC respectively. 


  1. Ooo, these sound like a great alternative to the ones Wifezilla makes! I happen to have a can of Native Forest Coconut Milk in my cupboard right to experiment...

  2. These sound great! What part of Louisiana are you in?

  3. thanks for the honesty! i can't wait to make fat bombs! Looks soooo yummy!!!!

  4. blissfully ever afterApril 16, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    I love these. I made them minus the coconut and poured the mixture over the payday bar recipe from Healthy Indulgences...made baby butter cups for Easter and the mini cups fit perfect in an egg carton too! Plus it helps me limit myself and makes them last a little longer :)

  5. Yum, yum! I find the best way to stay on track is to keep experimenting with new low carb recipes. Things don't always turn out the way I hope, but its fun and entertaining and still tastes good, so I just think of it more like a chemistry experiment. I still have not mastered swiss merengue buttercream with truvia, but it was fun trying :)

  6. I'm going to try these. I can't get unsweetened coconut locally so I'll just try them without, until I can get to Baton Rouge. I'm sure the Whole Foods there would have it? I'm in Ponchatoula. I'm also trying to get some coconut oil in each day, usually spread on my one minute muffin. It seems to have helped my dad's alzheimers since he started taking it!

  7. Hi Melisa - Whole Foods in BR has them in the bulk isle, so does Fresh Pickens on Coursey Blvd. Coconut does not need to be organic. Good for you! I am trying to eat it every day too!

  8. I made these tonight but subbed 1/3 cup powdered xylitol for the stevia. They turned out amazing. Thanks for sharing all these yummy recipes :)

    1. Thanks for the info, I'm trying xylitol (I have a ton :)

  9. These sound so yummy! I make something a bit similar. If I add the stevia to the chocolate 5 drops at a time, mixing between additions, it doesn't curdle.

  10. So delicious, I also used xylitol in them and I can't believe how much they taste like almond joys, thanks so much!!

  11. Thank you for posting these!! They are a fantastic alternative to most of the recipes I've seen, I love the texture and the flavor (someone not in the know would have no idea these are non dairy). I'll definitely be making these again ... next time I'm leaving out the toasted coconut ... it reminds me of dark chocolate brownie batter when it's coming off the stove. Then still did coming out of the fridge! Oh yes - I added a 1/2 tsp of almond extract. SO GOOD.


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