Saturday, January 19, 2013

BEST Fat Bombs

I love fat bombs.  They really help me stay on track.  And, since I have been WAY off track lately, and it's time to start all over, fat bombs are really saving me. What are they? Basically, they are little chocolate (in this case) truffles that are primarily made up of good fat, used to stop cravings for carbs in their tracks.  The virgin coconut oil gives you energy, and helps regulate your thyroid and adrenals, which is a bonus.  The fats from coconut oil, and especially from pastured grass-fed cow's butter will really satisfy you.  Since good fat is good for you, helping your brain and your body, these will actually help you burn fat if you stay away from the carbs.

Why eat grass-fed dairy? Here's a good article, explaining about CLA, the anti-cancer fat only found in dairy from grass-fed (naturally fed) cows.  Check it out at, if you don't know about it!

My first two fat bombs.. chocolate and lemon, were both dairy free, by the way, so if you can't have dairy, go on over to those two posts.

I made these with peanut butter, but I also tried a batch with coconut butter (ground coconut like nut butter, I used Artisana brand which is yummy).  Sometimes fat bombs separate in the freezer, leaving a white top to your fat bomb. This happened to my coconut butter version a few days ago, and it was even better... so no worries. I suspect I added 2 extra Tablespoons of coconut oil on accident, when my toddler sweetly distracted me.

I use either mini muffin papers, which I lay inside a tin mini cupcake pan.  However, if you have a mini -muffin silicone pan, that is even easier.  I like HIC brand, it has no silicone smell/taste to baked goods.
I used NuNaturals stevia, which is half as sweet as other brands.  So start with very little and work up to taste- your taste buds might be different than mine.  Write down how much you used and which brand (also post here!) so you will remember what you did for next time- then it's faster to make.

Best Fat Bombs Ever
makes around 16

2 Tablespoons grass-fed butter like Smjör or Kerrygold
3 Tablespoons grass-fed cream
1 Tablespoon raw honey (optional)
3 Tablespoons cocoa powder
2 Tablespoons organic peanut butter OR coconut butter
6 Tablespoons virgin coconut oil
2 Tablespoons ground nuts, I used pecans
1 Tablespoon shredded coconut
1/4 teaspoon NuNaturals powdered stevia, or very little of another brand, to taste
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
silicone mini-muffin pan or regular with mini paper baking cups or silicone molds

First, if your coconut oil is not at a liquid state, you should melt it without destroying its virgin state. I heat a pan of water with a candy or meat thermometer until it gets to 120˚F.  Then, I turn it off and set the jar of virgin coconut oil in it and let it sit until it's melted inside.

In a medium saucepan over low heat, melt butter, honey (if using), cocoa powder, and peanut butter (if using).  Use a whisk to mix all together, if necessary.  Turn off heat and add in coconut oil, coconut butter (if using), cream, nuts, coconut, and stevia (to taste, start out small). Stir until all mixed in together, then add vanilla. Pour into molds/pan/papers and freeze for 10 minutes (if using a silicone pan, put on a cookie sheet so it won't bend and spill).  Then, transfer to refrigerator for 15 minutes.  Pop out of silicone molds or pull them out by the cupcake papers and store in refrigerator in a sealed container.  Eat whenever you have a carb craving!!



  1. These. Are. AWESOME. Making them again tomorrow. Thanks!

  2. omg omg omg this looks so good

  3. FYI: Paper liners are the WORST things to use when making fat bombs. The paper absorbs a lot of the fat, skewing your nutritional values.

  4. I really love your recipes!, but lately I haven't been getting your newsletter/blog. I would love to get your new recipes!.


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