Sunday, September 18, 2016

Easy Low Carb Chicken Wings with Buttered Hot Sauce and No Mayo Blue Cheese Dressing

So easy. It is better to use a higher heat hot sauce like Frank's but we have used lower heat sauce like Crystal. Made this with no vegetable oils, no mayo. That makes me, and my skin, happy. And my organs.
This was so dang delicious.

Easy Low Carb Chicken Wings with Buttered Hot Sauce and No Mayo Blue Cheese Dressing 

 serves 2


3 lbs chicken wings
bacon grease or other natural fat

Preheat oven to 400˚F. Coat wings in fat and place in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Bake until done, approximately 40 minutes.

Buttered Hot Sauce

1/2 cup hot sauce (Original Frank's recipe which I recommend)
1/3 cup Butter (5 +1/3 Tablespoons if you want to eyeball it on the package & measure)

No Mayo Blue Cheese Dressing

4 Tablespoons blue cheese
1/4 cup full fat sour cream
3 Tablespoons yogurt
1 Tablespoon milk
1 Tablespoon of white wine vinegar or lemon juice
3 drops balsamic vinegar
sea salt and fresh ground pepper

Smash blue cheese crumbles with a fork. Add sour cream and smash some more. Add yogurt, milk, white wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar. Mix together then add salt and pepper to taste.

Assemble! Mix cooked wings in buttered hot sauce, then serve with blue cheese on side.

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