Saturday, November 14, 2009

Great Chocolate Article and A Free Giveaway!

I just loved this article on the Examiner about chocolate's goodness: Eat Dark Chocolate, Reduce Stress. It talks about how dark chocolate can have a negative effect on cortisol- you know, that nasty stress hormone that makes you gain weight around your middle... like eating too many carbs will, as well.

Of course, it says dark chocolate is good for you, not loads of sugar. I love these 85% chocolate Green & Black Organic chocolate bars.. they are great for baking and all things chocolate. They have very little sugar in them. Net Carbs are 9g a serving, which is 12 squares (there are 2.5 servings in the whole bar, or 22.5g net carbs). I also like Valrhona 85% chocolate bars, which I buy at Trader Joe's. But Green & Black is organic and environmentally conscious, too. Check out my link (above) to look at their gorgeous website!

I am giving away 2 bars of Green & Black's Organic 85% Chocolate Bars! To enter, you must do one (or more) of the following between now and Friday November 20th. I will announce it on Tuesday the 24th (to give Amazon some time to put the reviews up) so check back then and you can send me your contact info then if you win.:

1) Post a review for my blog on my Amazon Page for Kindle (you don't have to have a Kindle to review)
2) Post a comment on my Facebook Fan Page
3) Posts a comment on this blog, on any post (I will be notified, no matter where you post)

I will choose one person from the Amazon reviews and one person from the Facebook and Blog comments. If you do all three, I will enter you twice in the Facebook/Blog entry and once in the Amazon entry... but you can only win once.
Thank you! I appreciate you all! Tell me what you think!!

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  1. Maria Lopez wins! You guys are very shy. I only got 2 posts on my Facebook page.. and none here. Jury is still out on my Amazon page since I know there was a review submitted about 10 days ago and it still hasn't shown up!!

    Ok, lovely readers, try to post more! xoxo


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