Thursday, February 18, 2016

Zero Carb Pork Chops - nut free

This recipe can be used for any kind of pan-fried meat such as lamb chops, or pounded thin chicken. I used pork rinds for the coating.  My favorite kind of pork rind is Chicharrones, which is mostly skin, and they are easier to grind to make a more consistent coating. You can use any kind, but if you have the choice, grab the bag of Chicharrones.  It takes almost a whole bag to make about a half cup.

When I refer to "Zero Carb", I don't mean this has No Carbs (there will be a tiny bit in the egg and cream). I am referring to the Zero Carb Diet, which I now follow.  Scroll back a few posts, if you want to know more about that. The name is a misnomer, I still eat some carbs, but only if they are animal products like eggs, cream, or milk.

This is a good recipe if you are trying to avoid nut flour. I really love the taste of the pork rinds made into "bread crumbs".

TIP: READ this through before starting! You will need to plan accordingly to size of pork chops.

Zero Carb Pork Chops
*I made two pork chops with one bag of pork rinds, plan accordingly. 
makes 2

2 pork chops
1 bag of Pork Rinds (see note above on style)
1 egg
1 Tablespoon of cream
bacon grease or oil for pan
food processor or Vitamix style blender
2 bowls, a plate
Pan big enough to fit both chops in

Pour the bag of pork rinds into Vitamix and grind up to a powder.  Don't go too long, or you will get a butter. Pour in one bowl (leftovers can go in a ziplock or a tightly sealed container). In the other bowl, mix egg and cream with a fork or whisk until well mix. Position a plate next to the two bowls. Dip your pork chops, one at a time, into the egg-cream mixture, making sure to get it on all sides. Then, put them into the rind crumbs bowl and make sure you get an even coat on both sides. Place them onto the plate.
Heat up the grease in the pan on medium high heat for just about a minute, until hot, not smoking. Place the chops in there, side by side, and cook until underside is brown, then flip and cook until done.  It really depends how thick your chops are for how long. I buy them thin, around 3/4 inch, so I can cook them in the pan.  I like mine cooked medium, so they are still very juicy. Hope you like them!

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