Friday, July 25, 2014

Sugar Free Thai Iced Tea

I love Thai iced tea, though I could do without the orange food coloring and the sugar.  I thought I'd try my own version of low carb Thai iced tea with liquid vanilla stevia and it worked! I definitely recommend this NuNaturals brand I used only.  Otherwise, I can NOT vouch for it's Thai Ice Tea flavor! They do not pay me to say that, I just like it... (although NuNaturals, feel free to sponsor my blog!).
Thai Iced Tea is regularly made with coconut milk, so use that if you are dairy free! I used straight up grass fed organic cream from my farmer, but you aren't surprised, Dear Reader! ;)
Thai Iced tea usually looks layered. If there is a trick to that, let me know what it is! I couldn't figure it out.

PS  These little Star Wars glasses were the perfect size for my tea!

Sugar-Free Thai Iced Tea

Brewed organic black tea, chilled. I used 365 brand but this one looks good too
Coconut milk or organic cream or half and half

Add ice to your glass. Fill the glass 3/4 full with tea. Fill the remaining 1/4th with cream.  Add stevia to taste.  I started with 7 or 8 drops. Stir and mmmm.


  1. I first read this and thought it said Thai Iced Coffee. I was going to tell you that you are missing the spices that give Thai coffee recipes great flavor. But we are talking about two different things. Here's a link to my blog with my low-carb recipe for Thai Coffee -

    Anyway, making it with condensed milk in my coffee pot left it in a somewhat layered look because of the heaviness of the condensed milk that had been used. Perhaps that was what was used when you'd seen it layered?

    1. Yes definitely the sweetened condensed milk is what layered it... but of course I can't use that and still have it low-carb. I'll check out your recipe for the iced coffee!


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