Thursday, May 29, 2014

Smoothie Pops!

I have been making lots of smoothie pops for quick, easy, healthy snacks for my 3 year old and myself.

I figured out a long time ago my son will eat anything frozen, and I was making these with just fruit and cream (or yogurt) when I thought, hey- I could be sneaking anything into these!  So I made a few of these concoctions and .. they are really good.  You canNOT taste the raw egg (shudder).  These are great for pregnant ladies too.

All those half uneaten bananas my child leaves around? They go into a freezer bag and I use them here.

I love frozen mango or peaches for this, and that will make it like ice cream even before you freeze it.  But anything works.  I usually mix a few things. The one shown consists of banana, mango, and raspberry.  All frozen organic from the store, except the banana half.

Since we are using RAW eggs, let's please consider the source. How to tell if your egg is bad.

You may use fresh fruit too, if you are just freezing it all until later.  I use frozen fruit because I like to eat some when I make it, too.  Using frozen fruit will result in ice cream texture, and fresh will result in smoothie texture.

Smoothie Pops

frozen or fresh fruit, chopped - example: home frozen banana half + half a bag of frozen organic peaches + a few frozen berries
grass-fed cream, full fat yogurt, or coconut cream
1 pastured/organic egg, or more if you are making a lot
Great Lakes Gelatin or other grass-fed gelatin- example: one tablespoon
Virgin Coconut Oil, carefully melted on low heat- example: 2 Tablespoons
push up pops or silicone ice pop molds
Vitamix or strong blender

Pour in a good amount of fruit into your Vitamix. Pour in cream (yogurt/coconut cream) until it covers it by about an inch. Crack your egg in. Pour in gelatin.  Mix until all mixed well.  While it is still running, pour the VCO in the top, so that it mixes well and doesn't glob.  Turn off, pour into molds and freeze. (And eat some if you like).

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