Monday, May 26, 2014

Easy & Natural Watermelon Pops for Kids & Parties

I made these for my little boy's 3 year old birthday party and they were a big hit! So easy, and since it's the whole fruit, not juice or anything added, it's a pretty healthy treat for a kid. Just make sure you have room to stand these all up in the freezer if you make a lot.  I made 25 for the party!

TIP: warm the bottom of the dixie cup with your hand before peeling it off.

Natural Watermelon Pops
makes as many as you want

organic seedless watermelon, or regular with black seeds removed
3 ounce dixie cups and popsicle sticks
or popsicle molds (two kinds I like, here and here)
food processor

Put squares of watermelon flesh in food processor, and process on medium speed until it is liquified. It's ok if there are a few black seeds (looks good in the pop) but not too many.  White seeds are fine, too. Pour into molds or dixie cups.  Add a popsicle stick to dixie cup.  It is ok if it falls to the side, as long as it stays in the cup. Or you can try some aluminum foil shenanigans to keep it standing up but I found it wasn't worth the trouble, and worked just as well if it fell to the side. Place in freezer carefully for a few hours until frozen.
To serve, put in a bowl and provide a bowl for the dixie cup, once you peel it off to eat the pop!

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