Saturday, February 15, 2014

Product Review: Viva Labs Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Viva Labs sent me some of this coconut oil to review.  Although I am super super picky about coconut oil, I was really impressed with it. This coconut oil is high quality. I have been buying coconut oil for over ten years and have a lot of experience on what is GOOD virgin coconut oil. This is it. Good strong coconut aroma, very very white and solid at under 72˚F, and even certified ORGANIC and GMO-free. I highly recommend it. 

What do I use Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO for short) for? I use it to make fat bombs, for good fat intake and weight loss, I use it to make toothpaste, to dilute essential oils for every purpose, for lotion, to oil my bamboo chopping boards, to add to any dish that tastes good with an extra coconut flavor (I use expeller pressed if not)... the list is endless.  What is it good for? Everything. Coconut is a superfood, VCO is one of the greatest things to do for your body.  Do a little internet research if you are interested! Here is a nice poster from :

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