Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lunch: BLT Salad with Fresh Cream Dressing

You will never again wish for toast for a BLT once you try this salad.  I used fresh raw cream from the farm in my dressing, and it was amazing. You can use regular cream from the store if you sadly cannot get fresh cream, but the fresh cream will be thicker.  This is a recipe for one. Increase as necessary.  This is so easy, you'll wonder how you didn't think of it yourself!  The only time it takes is to the fry the bacon (please step away from the microwave, that's just bacon-abuse!).

VARIATION: add tarragon to the dressing, mmmm.

BLT Salad with Fresh Cream Dressing

Fresh Cream Salad Dressing
serves one
2 heaping Tablespoons fresh raw cream (3 flat Tablespoons store bought)
1 teaspoon white balsamic vinegar
sea salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste

Stir together. Taste and adjust- add more vinegar if you need it to be a little more tart.

BLT Salad
4 -5 leaves organic Romaine Hearts or Boston Butter lettuce, torn into pieces
5 organic grape tomatoes, sliced
4 pieces pastured bacon, fried and crumbled
more cracked pepper, if desired

Mix together in your salad bowl and stir in the dressing, covering every part of your salad.  Enjoy!

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