Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pregnancy No-Sugar Smoooooothie

OK when was the last time I had a smoothie?  Not since I went low-carb over two years ago.  I have been equating them all this time with high sugar fruits, fruit juice, and honey.  But, no more!  If you can eat dairy carbs, or are pregnant (nothing better than pastured raw milk for pregnant ladies!), I recommend a no-sugar smoothie!  In trying to add some more raw dairy in my diet for the baby, I have resurrected the smoothie, and I'm so happy.  This tastes more to me like a Lassi, that delicious Indian smoothie which has more of a tang than sweetness. If you want to try this, but have no idea how to get some safe raw pastured milk in your area, visit realmilk.com for information and help on locating some!

If you have stumbled upon this blog and now saying... what?  Raw eggs? Raw milk for a pregnant woman? Are you crazy? No... I am all about the diet our ancestors ate healthily.  Raw milk from pastured cows (or goats) from a known source- a local farm you know has good hygiene, eggs from chickens who go outside and eat bugs and real grain, these are healthy sources of vitamins A and D, omega-3 fats, CLA, and butyric acid, another fat that fights cancer and infections.  According to Nina Planck's research for her book, Real Food For Mother and Baby, raw milk and eggs from pastured organic farms were found to have a much less chance of harmful bacteria than pasteurized milk.  Pasteurized milk is actually more dangerous!  I have been eating raw milk, cream, and eggs this entire pregnancy with great health benefits.  I'm in my 5th month, the baby is very healthy, and I have hardly gained any weight at all.  Here is a link from Weston Price's advice for diets for pregnant women.  (I stay away from the grains, and I don't drink a whole quart of milk every day but I do drink a glass or two.)  I highly recommend all of Nina Planck's books, but especially the Real Food for Mother and Baby one if you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or have a toddler.  Real Food is also an amazing book.
I add a little virgin coconut oil (high quality, I use Tropical Tradition's organic gold brand) at the end, because of all the health benefits associated with it. Coconut contains lauric acid, which supports the body's immune system, and is only found in coconut and human breast milk.  Medium chain fatty acids give you energy without storing fat- they are burned up quickly in the body, not stored.  There are many more benefits, you can click on the link above and look for yourself if you'd like.

Here's the trick, if you would like to add virgin coconut oil (virgin has more benefits).  First you need to get the oil over 76˚F to get it to an oil consistency.  Do this carefully so you don't ruin the virgin state.  I boil water, take the tea kettle off the hot burner, remove the top and fit a small dish on top with the oil to melt.  I let the steam melt most of it, then remove it and stir until it is all melted.  You will want to add the coconut oil at the end of the smoothie, slowly pouring it in as it's on a low speed in the blender.  The reason for this is that the cold ingredients in the smoothie will otherwise cause the oil to clump  since it hardens at lower than 76˚F. Then you would get little clumps of coconut in your smoothie, which can be a little weird.

This smoothie is full of so many good things: raw organic grass-fed milk, organic berries (frozen are sometimes cheaper), yogurt, raw pastured egg, and virgin coconut oil.  That's it! You can add a few stevia grains if you don't like the tartness of plain yogurt.

a little raw pastured milk
raw PASTURED egg (omit if you don't have organic pastured eggs from a known source)
a handful of low-carb berries like blackberries, blueberries, or raspberries (frozen or fresh)
Whole milk plain pastured raw organic yogurt  
lightly melted virgin coconut oil, about a teaspoon to a Tablespoon, depending on preference

First blend the berries, egg, and a big splash of milk (enough to cover the berries) and blend on high, to try and get the berries all smushed up.  Add the yogurt, a good portion- you want this to be mostly yogurt and blend on low until mixed.  (Add your sweetener here, if you want it.) Now, while blender is on low, open the little pouring part of your lid (I hope you have one) and pour in oil until just mixed, and turn off, pour into a glass and drink up!  Enjoy!

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