Monday, February 1, 2010

Dinner in a Bucket

Ok, so this is one of those days- you get home late, it's time to make dinner and you have no time! What do you do? Can't order pizza because you are GLUTEN FREE, and you don't want to eat a bunch of carbs and mess up your insulin levels. Ordering out, if you are a celiac, is a minefield.. and if you are, say, a household of 5, very expensive! So, this is what I call Dinner in a Bucket. Now, we are only two people, so increase accordingly.

So here it is. Preheat the oven to 400˚ - 425˚, grab a casserole dish or bread pan (what I usually use, hence the bucket term) - whatever size fits your household... and layer it like so:

1st layer- chopped onions (can be loosely chopped like in rings) and sliced garlic
2nd- a green vegetable
3rd- a quick cook meat like chicken breasts, precooked sausage or sausage quickly broiled/browned and sliced down the middle to increase cooking time, or cubed beef. (If cooking boneless chicken, you might want to reduce to 375˚ and cook a little longer).

Now sprinkle liberally with s&p and pour some olive oil (or organic bacon grease) to coat everything.

Optional: throw some small halved tomatoes on top, and favorite spices (oregano?)...

Toss it around a bit to ensure everything is touching oil about halfway through. And.. cook until meat is done.

This is quick and delicious. The secret is the oil... but if you are low-carb, you already know that healthy fats (mono-unsaturated, organic pastured saturated lard or tropical virgin saturated oil) are good for you!!

Ours is broccolini and andouille chicken sausage - with garlic powder and chili flakes, at 425˚ for 20 minutes. If you can cook longer, do so, the onions get better and better..

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