Monday, January 18, 2010

More Agave debate!

Ok, I was totally wrong about Madhava Agave, its G.I. is 46!!!!
From now on, the only brand I am using is Blue Agave Nectar. Why? Read this LINK. It's the only brand that has a true low G.I. I mean, the other stuff is still better than sugar or honey! But it's truly not low G.I. So, make your own decisions.
Also know that if you eat agave nectar after eating high g.i. foods, it is a higher g.i. count because then it acts like sugar... (um, weird!).
In other news, I haven't been posting that much lately because I have been very busy singing and getting into Bikram Yoga! It's fantastic! Totally recommend.
:) Rachel

A reprint of Sugars and their G.I. counts:

Sugar 60 - 65

Pure Maple syrup 54

Honey 58

Coconut Palm Sugar 35

Agave Nectar 27- 46 or higher, depending on the brand!

Erythritol 0

Stevia 0

PS I finally got a new camera so new pictures will be beeeaaautiful!!!

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