Monday, September 28, 2009

Gluten Free Casein Free Diet for Austism Sufferers

Hi everyone. Just wanted you to know that I have edited as many recipes as possible to include dairy alternatives for those who cannot eat dairy, especially those who need to follow a Gluten Free Casein Free diet. And from now on, I will put the substitutes in as much as possible.
I do have some experiences with this as I once followed a vegan raw food diet for about a year. However, this diet did not agree with me- my cholesterol rose (due to poly-unsaturated fats), and my insulin was wonky, due to all the sugar in all the fruits I ate, especially dates. I wasn't able to lose any weight until I got my insulin under control with a low-carb diet combined with the exclusion of gluten (which really causes me to swell up like a blueberry when I eat it).
So anyway... enjoy. I hope this helps! Also I don't use much soy but I won't label any dish GFCF with soy in it. (Sometimes I use Tamari but that is it).
Some easy substitutions of course are coconut! Coconut milk is a very good substitute for milk or cream (and cheaper too, if you compare it to raw organic milk and cream prices!). And High Quality Coconut Oil is a great substitute for butter, since it is also a good-for-you saturated fat. If all this talk about saturated/unsaturated fat is new to you, please check out my links!!!
And, hey guys, throw me a comment and let me know that someone reads this blog!!! :D

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