Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Agave Nectar - Good or Bad?

UPDATE: I was totally wrong about this brand. Go Here. Thanks.

Is Agave Nectar good for you - not affecting insulin? Or just like High Fructose Corn Syrup? There was an article that circulated on the web last November that really condemned it. But then I came across this link on Deb Schiff's Altered Plates blog where Madhava's Craig Gerbore talks about their brand of agave nectar. As a result, I am only using the Madhava brand and I am completely assured it will not raise my insulin. I have linked to it in the past but thought everyone should read it.
It's from another blog, and I found it through Elana's Pantry Blog - which totally rocks, you must check it out!! She just released a FABULOUS Almond Flour Gluten Free Low G.I. cookbook that is gorgeous and amazing!!!

The Original Article, telling the dangers
The response from Madhava's Craig Gerbore


  1. Thanks for the mention. Just for clarification, the original response from Craig came from my Altered Plates blog.

  2. Oh great, thanks. I'm so glad you posted it! Some things are just so sad without agave, like cupcake icing!


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