Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beautiful pastured organic eggs!

I haven't posted in so long! Been busy packing up, now moving... a few recipes I have been working on aren't quite perfect yet, but stay tuned, they will be showing up shortly!!

Until then, I wanted to brag a little, ahem, I mean tempt you to buy some of your own local organic eggs from a farm nearby that pastures their animals. When the animals live a healthy life eating what they are supposed to eat, and moving around how they were meant to, they make wonderful meat and eggs. And, they do not suffer needlessly. If you buy food locally, you also help save the environment in a HUGE way by cutting down on enormous amounts of fossil fuels. If we all bought our meat and produce from local farms, what a HUGE difference it would make in fossil fuels burned and pollution. Also, it TASTES better and it's very good to know WHERE your food comes from!! Great sites: and

Here are the gorgeous orange eggs I get locally - the pastured chickens eat bugs from the pasture, plus their organic feed. That is what chickens are supposed to eat! And look how beautiful... you can't believe how tasty they are!! Mmmm... in the pan with some fresh local organic swiss chard! A healthy low carb, high protein breakfast to get the brain working in the morning!!

Side note: My coffee is Intelligensia, the most delicious coffee that has higher standards than certified "fair trade" for coffee, and only purchase from farmers who are committed to sustainable social practices... read about it on their website. This is as good as it gets for drinking coffee... at least the farmers are getting their fair share and I am not drinking chemicals...

cupcakes and banana cream pie coming soon.... :)

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