Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Peanut Butter Cookies!

Ahhhhhh... Cookies and milk!!! In this case, a delicious, nutritious glass of organic raw milk from a pastured cow... plenty of CLA goodness. And Peanut Butter cookies!! I know, I know.. you gave up peanut butter, right? The cancer causing mold? The hideous use of pesticides? The hydrogenated ickiness? No worries! I used organic natural peanut butter made from Valencia peanuts, which are grown in arid climate where there isn't any of that nasty aflatoxin mold. (Don't know what I am talking about? Click here.)
I made these cookies, then decided they just weren't good enough. Then I tasted them again later when they were cool (when I could pry them from my husband's hands - he, an avid gluten and sugar lover, devoured them with gusto) and promptly changed my mind.
So here they are! Gluten and sugar free, of course. I used one tablespoon of honey- just for the taste.. but you could change that to agave nectar, or a sugar alcohol like xylitol if you like. I think it's worth it if you can handle a little honey.
For the record, I of course used organic ingredients, and I used salted butter, and salted peanut butter.. but still felt they needed that extra salt.
Make them ahead of time... they aren't really good until they sit for a few hours. If you bite into one and the inside still looks really wet... they aren't ready yet.

Gluten-free Peanut Butter Cookies

¾ cup organic natural peanut butter
3 TBLS Agave nectar
1 TBLS organic raw honey
¼ teaspoon stevia
2 TBLS butter, soft
2 eggs
½ tsp vanilla
½ tsp sea salt

1. Grease cookie sheet (I like to use butter), or they will be impossible to remove.
2. Combine all ingredients and beat well with a mixer to ensure the even distribution of stevia. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
3. Spoon dough by heaping teaspoons onto a cookie sheet. Place cookie sheet in the freezer for 10 minutes.
4. As soon as you take cookie sheet out of the freezer, place in oven and bake for 8 to 12 minutes. Watch carefully- the edges will start to brown first but if you watch for a minute or two and wait until the cookies turn a little darker in color, they will taste even better. As soon as you see the color change, remove from oven and take them off the cookie sheet to cool on a wire rack or cool plate for several hours, or overnight. (note: these cookies aren't the golden colored ones- they were the first batch but the only ones left for a picture when I decided these cookies were good enough to post! LOL).
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The whole dough is 82 net carbs, so if you make about 20 cookies, each cookie is 4 grams of carbs. Be careful of how many you eat if you are watching your carbs! These are pretty good!


  1. How Ironic, I made low carb peanut butter cookies tonight too..but mine came out blah. Next time, I will try your recipe. It sounds yummy!

  2. I tried to make these with stevia and erythritol... the cold feeling from the erythritol is just not good in cookies. Bleh. Looking forward to agave syrup when I finish with this stupid candida diet.

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  3. Hey Jess, thanks.. I'll do that!
    Yes I know what you mean about erythritol, yuck. You can sub xylitol, if you are used to it (otherwise it will give you some gas if you eat too much).. or you can use 1/4 tsp (as noted in recipe) + 1/8th tsp of stevia instead of the honey and agave. I haven't tested this, but I believe it should work. Just make sure the stevia you are using is not bitter. You might need to get smaller measuring spoons for it.. I posted something about that.
    I find erythritol to be ok in cakes and cupcakes, as long as they are eaten the first day.. the second day they get weird.

  4. Hey Rachel, your cookies look great! I have you on my reader so I can keep up with your scrumptious recipes. Never tried agave, but I bet it's delish in these cookies! Are they chewy?

  5. Thanks Lauren! No, not chewy but soft. You can use honey instead of agave 1:1. I still haven't decided on how good agave is for us... but at least it doesn't affect insulin.


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